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Teenage years are arguably some of the most exciting, yet challenging times of our lives. During their school lives, young people develop intellectually and emotionally and begin to explore new ideas and interests, as well as their own beliefs and values about the world that we live in.


Our vision at Wollaston School is to support and enhance the physical, intellectual and emotional development of all of our students. In reality, this means providing them with the literacy, numeracy and practical skills to access a rich curriculum which offers them a diverse range of academic and practical subjects in which they can develop their talents and skills and discover new interests. We are committed to offering our students wide curriculum choice and stretching and challenging their capacity to think for themselves, developing their independent research skills. In this way, we believe we will maximise academic outcomes for our students which will provide them with a wide range of opportunities and life choices in the future. We believe strongly in embracing new technologies and providing our students with clear careers guidance which will help prepare them for their chosen careers, realising their hopes and futures in a rapidly changing and globalising world.

However, school should also be about enjoyment and celebration of success and at Wollaston we are committed to making learning fun and providing a wide range of enrichment activities beyond the classroom. We listen to our students’ views about how to improve things and believe strongly in the power of student voice as a tool for improving our school.

It was Aristotle who said that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. At Wollaston, we support the view that schools are about academic success, but equally about the personal development of young people and we are strong advocates of the qualities of mutual respect and inclusivity in the school environment. We are committed to developing strong moral values amongst our students and place a high value on tolerance, honesty and kindness. We recognise that our students are all individuals and we work hard to identify and support their individual needs. Finally, we are committed to working hard to develop strong links with the parents of all of our students so that together we can maximise the opportunities for all of the young people in our care.


Joe Cowell - Headteacher

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RT @WollastonSixth: Goodbye YR13- We wish you the best of luck in your exams and for your future! 👋🏼💙
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New Headteacher Appointment
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Good Luck to our Year 11, 12 & 13 students as we start a period of formal examinations.
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RT @wollaston_HUMS: Thought for the week...
Watch “Rock Challenge Portsmouth Final 2017” on #Vimeo


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