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Pupil Premium & Year 7 Catch Up

How Wollaston School uses the Pupil Premium funding

The Pupil Premium is a government initiative that gives additional funding to Schools for pupils from families in certain circumstances, summarised below. This has been allocated to every school in the light of national figures which historically show that these groups of students do not achieve as well as their peers. This funding is carefully targeted to ensure every pupil receives the additional provision and intervention needed to allow them to reach their full potential and help students to fulfil high aspirations.

Wollaston School identifies Pupil Premium students as a key focus group to ensure student needs are identified early. Progress is measured and shared continuously, raising awareness and the profile of Pupil Premium students across the School. This supports early and effective interventions to close the attainment and progress gap between all groups of Students.

How must this funding be used?

The Secretary of State, in his ministerial statement on the 2012-2013 Pupil Premium, stated that “Schools will have the freedom to spend the Premium in a way they think will best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils”.

What is Wollaston School’s allocation?

Projected funding for 2016-2017

  • £935 for Students eligible for Free School Meals, or have been eligible in the last 6 years
  • £300 for Students whose Parents are Service Personnel
  • £1900 for all Students who are adopted or looked after continuously by the local authority for more than six months.
  • Wollaston School received a total of £141,300 for the academic year 2013-2014
  • Wollaston School received a total of £132,000 for the academic year 2014-2015
  • Wollaston School received a total of £165,495 for the academic year 2015-2016.

The school also receives an additional allocation in respect of pupils achieving below level 4 in English and / or maths to support catch-up interventions.  Plans for which are included in the list of interventions below.

How the Pupil Premium funding is spent

Wollaston School assesses every individual Pupil Premium student to identify the provision or support that will have the most beneficial impact on their education. It is envisaged that the 2016-2017 budget will be spent on additional staffing to enable students access to the interventions outlined below. A further percentage will be spent on additional Intervention, laptops, personal computers and i-Pads giving Pupil Premium students the fullest possible access to the School’s Information Technology resources, both at home and within School. Examples of intervention include:

  • Creation of smaller classes in English to improve literacy and achievement
  • Additional teachers to support students in the areas of literacy and mathematics
  • Subscription to the Accelerated Reader programme to boost literacy levels and pupil confidence
  • A literacy co-ordinator
  • Introduction of peer group (6th form) reading buddies
  • Provision of additional support staff to raise progress, in Maths and English, and foreign language assistants in modern languages
  • Provision of Learning Mentors to individually assess student needs and support with progress in individual subject areas as well as individualised student mentoring
  • Additional English support for Students entering the School who are working below Level 4 at the end of Key Stage 2
  • After school and holiday revision sessions for GCSE Students
  • Summer School to support the transition of Year 6 students into Year 7
  • Transport home for Students attending catch up sessions
  • Funding for educational trips
  • Funding for music lessons
  • Provision of equipment packs, departmental resources, such as ingredients for Food Technology, or paints and pencils for Art/Graphics,
  • Funded revision guides, such as ActiveLearn English and GCSE reading texts.

Impact of Pupil Premium funding on student outcomes

There are approximately 165 students in each of the last 2 academic years who have received support from Pupil Premium funding. During the academic year 2015/16, funding led to an improvement in outcomes for those in receipt of Pupil Premium funding.

Year 7 Catch Up Provision

£22,000 funding for Year 7 catch up from financial year from April 2016
26 Students that are currently in the Year 7 catch up group for 16/17

  • Students identified as requiring catch up intervention have received an individualised timetable allocation. We have consolidated English, Languages and Humanities sessions to provide an distinct curriculum which allows students to improve literacy skills with a specialist teacher. We have two separate groups at two different ability levels. Within these sessions students cover the English and Hums curriculum with a strong literacy focus.
  • Phonics sessions to improve students difficulties with decoding text
  • Registration Catch up phonics sessions
  • 6th Form Buddy Reading scheme during registration

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