16-19 Tuition fund

16-19 Tuition fund

The decision was made to use this to help fund the small group delivery of  GCSE maths for those students who had been unable to attain a 4 grade or higher last year.

This is to be targeted at 5 students who will be taught, in line with the guidance, in small groups of no more than three and in some cases one to one teaching.  This should enable students to get the focused support they need to help them achieve the minimum grade 4 that is their minimum target.

This will be staffed by an experienced member of the maths team who has delivered the GCSE programme in previous years and therefore has the experience and capabilities needed to help the students make the desired progress.  She will have 7 lessons a week on her timetable specifically for this purpose.

The intention is that this funding will be used for the full year, however, should all students succeed in the November maths examinations then any remaining funding will be used to support those in this cohort who will have missed out on Year 12 content to catch up and prepare for their Year 13 final assessments and examinations.

Mr Tony Mills 

Head of Sixth Form