School Ethos

Wollaston School has as its central focus the achievement of our students. We do not define achievement in a narrow way but recognise that it will take many forms depending on the individual talent and potential of each young person.

We want all our students to fulfil their academic, sporting, artistic, musical and social potential but we accept that there will be many different starting points.

We measure our success by establishing the level of attainment a child has reached on entry to the school and then measure improvement against this benchmark. Our aim is to take children beyond what would be expected after consideration of initial attainment and background factors. We think we can achieve this by being optimistic about young people and constantly setting high expectations.

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Creating a climate where learning can flourish

Wollaston School is known above all else for its caring approach to individuals. We put people first and focus sharply on our students’ needs in all that we do. We recognise that what parents and children want in a school is a secure, friendly atmosphere where relationships between students are good, where teachers set out to get to know students as individuals, and care about their individual welfare. We accept that for learning to take place we must eliminate any potential causes of anxiety such as bullying, poor relationships between staff and students, or a neglected learning environment.

We work hard at relationships and this commitment from staff is met in return with an exceptional response from the young people in our school. The atmosphere in the school is warm, friendly, secure, and purposeful. Experience this for yourselves by visiting the school during the school day.

We are concerned with the education of the whole child and therefore recognise the importance of working in partnership with parents, the wider community and the world of work. We value the education of all students equally and therefore actively pursue policies and practices that provide equal opportunities for all.