Wollaston School Leaver , Laurence Edmunds, who left us in 2016, spoke about his experience of undertaking an apprenticeship with Mr Myers (Careers Leader), and is now an accountant with McIntyre Hudson.

Why do an apprenticeship?

  • An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to study as well as gain vital work experience in the real world.  Apprenticeships are looked down upon as an options for those ‘that aren’t smart enough to attend university’ but this is certainly not the case.  Since leaving Wollaston 4 years ago to start my Accountancy apprenticeship, I’ve not looked back!  I’m 4 exams off of being a chartered accountant and in my opinion has been a far better option than attending university.


Advantages compared to university?

  • There’s still plenty of opportunity to go on nights out and you can afford to buy a round of drinks!
  • The qualification you can achieve is worth more than a degree.
  • It disciplines you and allows you to start saving early for that all important house deposit.


Best thing of my apprenticeship experience?

  • Working in a team of school leavers who all have the same interests and drive.
  • Earning money – I bought my first house at 22.
  • Getting into the real world and understanding how businesses operate, the best way to learn is to be involved in it – you can’t learn this from a text book.