ART & PHOTOGRAPHY TRIP – February 2020.

As part of their GCSE Exam preparation and A Level work, Year 11 and Sixth Form students got the opportunity to visit the Tate Modern in London.  Students were incredibly well behaved and responsible, and even with an hours delay on the journey down the M1, the students were fantastic, serenading us with 1980s and 1990s songs.  When we eventually arrived at the Tate Modern, students made the most of the exhibitions, looking at the main exhibitions across the 4 floors.  The students seemed to particularly love the work of Monet, Lichtenstein and Ruscha.

A number of particular favourites were the tower of radios, the hanging blinds and the lights in photos.  Students also got the opportunity to get an amazing view of London from the viewing tower on Level 10 of the Tate Modern.

Pupils responded to the trip well and have now started to use the images to explore ideas and develop ideas for experiments.

Mrs N Hawkins