Author Visit

Author Dave Cousins visited Wollaston on Friday 10th March.


Year 7 & 8 both had the opportunity to listen to Dave as he regaled us with stories about his journey to becoming an author. He was hilarious and the talk was enjoyed by staff as well as the students, one teacher commented “that it was one of her top three assemblies”.

Students who had requested to join the creative writing session really engaged with the workshop, Dave started the session asking the students…What would you never do? We had some very strange suggestions! Giving birth to a chair was probably the most unique!

Some student feedback

During the author’s presentation, what did you enjoy the most?

  • When he read the story with lots of expression
  • Learning how to plan and write the story

Which activity did you enjoy the most?

  • The comedy and the images
  • The writing, I would never…

Has the author visit increased your interest in reading or writing?

  • Yes
  • Yes, because I will now read his books as they are so funny
  • Yes both