Berlin Trip

The Berlin Trip

Just before the October half term a group of history students had the amazing opportunity to visit Berlin, the German capital, to find out more about what life was really like during the existence of the Berlin Wall. We visited old parts of the wall, various museums as well as the old Stasi prison, with each part of the trip bringing a new perspective into life in East Germany.

We also were lucky enough to pay a visit to the Reichstag, which gave us an insight into the political side of how East Germany was governed. Mr Keane and Miss Murts, the trip leaders, managed to schedule an exciting, informative and action-packed itinerary, but we still had some time to relax during our free time; from eating (perhaps too much) delicious German food to enjoying the general day-to-day city life. It was an incredible trip that allowed us to apply our knowledge as well as experience the city on a first hand basis – memories to last a life time!

Harry & Kate