Expedition Training Weekend, Peak District, March 2019

Expedition Training Weekend, Peak District, March 2019

As part of their expedition preparations for Costa Rica in July, students attending a training weekend. Set in the picturesque Peak District, nestled near Hope Valley, students set up camp ready for a weekend of team building, problem solving, outdoor cooking, trekking and learning survival techniques.

On arrival Friday evening, students worked quickly and collaboratively to set up their tents before it got dark. Then they assigned roles within the team to deal with cooking on trangas and clearing up.
Dinner was a delicious pasta and vegetable sauce dish finished with grated cheese!
After a cold overnight sleep in the tents, the team woke to to bright and sunny morning ready for a 6 hour trek!
Covering altitude, muddy and slippery terrain, some clambering and walking downhill alongside flowing water.
The team also covered some emergency scenarios with some excellent role play.
Students showed teamwork, resilience, a good level of fitness and demonstrated support and encouragement for each other.

On return, the team once again went into operational mode assigning roles and working together under a leader to cook a chilli and rice, served with tortilla chips.
The team had to clear and wash the cooking utensils to the meticulously high standards of the expedition leader!

Sunday involved a very cold and tired team packing away their tents followed by a one to one debrief session for each member of the team and some river survival techniques.

Well done to the team for an excellent weekend!