Head’s Newsletter – 12th May 2023

Dear parents and carers

Today has been one of those days that epitomise the warmth and community feel of our school as we have marked Year 11’s Wollaston journey from new starters back in September of 2018 to young adults nearing the completion of their key stage 4 courses. We had an afternoon of celebration which included a visit from an ice cream van, the customary shirt signing and a celebration assembly. Despite the trials and tribulations of 2020 and 2021, this year group have been remarkable in their resilience and how they have progressed and developed into wonderful role models for the younger year groups. We are excited for the weeks ahead as they sit their examinations and know they will do their best.

One of the many things that has made be incredibly proud of the year group is how diligently they have been working towards their exams. I am also aware that for many students losing the routine and structure of school during the exam period may not be beneficial for their revision and preparation for the exams. Therefore, I have worked with the senior team over the last week to put together a plan for Year 11 following half term to ensure that they are adequately prepped and primed for each exam and that we give students the very best opportunity to excel. This will involve normal timetabled lessons continuing until the exam has been sat in each subject as well as specific revision sessions led by subject staff in advance of each exam. I will publish full details of this to parents early next week but did want to publicise more widely that Year 11 students will remain full time in school until the Tuesday 13th June from which point there will be a bespoke timetable in place for students for the Wednesday through Friday of that week.

We have also had another celebration this week as our Year 10 boys rugby team celebrated an epic victory in the county cup final, there is a great report below. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both students and staff who have been brilliant throughout the season. They certainly have done Wollaston proud.


Personal Development

This week we have had house assemblies and as part of our pastoral curriculum considered the importance of teamwork and done some self-reflection on how we can be good team-mates. Next week we have our community ambassadors leading assemblies and our linked pastoral curriculum look at how our values of kindness, community and ambition promote good behaviour around the school and also how they can be culture creators! As always, a conversation over the weekend about any of these topics helps to reinforce what we are doing in school.


The Litter Wombles!

Kevin Potter from Northants Litter Wombles visited this week to speak to years 7 and 8 about the impact of litter on our environment. As a volunteer from the Litter Wombles,  he aims to educate students and also to coordinate litter picks. It will hopefully motivate these year groups who are starting a ‘litter pick house competition’ next week. Dr Sheldrick was very pleased to have already seen an impact, as only 2 pieces of litter were found on the year 7 playground following breaktime on that day!



A reminder that when collecting children from school at the end of the day to please be considerate of our residential and business neighbours when parking.  Some parking has unfortunately caused some danger to neighbours trying to exit properties, particularly when turning onto the Irchester Road where visibility to make a safe manoeuvre has been compromised.


Wollaston Rugby County Cup Champions!

Josh Walker Year 10 writes: “On the 10th of May, Wollaston’s u15s rugby team travelled to Wellingborough R.F.C to play in the County Cup final against Prince William School. With a tough opposition the boys were feeling ready to roll. They came out strong and ready for the game. Despite Wollaston winning by a heavy margin PWS turned up with strong players. Our defence held strong with heavy tackles being made. After a first triumphant score Wollaston turned up the heat with more aggression and passion for the school. The tries kept coming in along with expertly taken conversions by the Captain Ollie Wilson. Tries were scored by Samuel Worthington, Mathew Chapman, Yogi Pateman and finally George Mallard. The team were outstanding and were led by the aforementioned Ollie Wilson who provided passion and courage for the whole team alongside a massive effort from all the forwards at scrum time. A big mention to George who dominated in the scrum. In the lineouts accurate throws were sent by Arlow Bamford and the mauls were controlled perfectly by Charlie Manifold. As for the backs, the moves were executed well, and an extremely captivating run was made by Yogi who weaved his way to the try line. Also, Mathew Chapman sent a well-placed kick down the field which he chased with such pace before collecting it and dotting it over the line.

Hard stunning tackles were made by various members of the squad with a mention to Josh Walker, Charlie Manifold and George Mallard. Within the squad were some players who had only ever played 4 matches with us and hadn’t previously played at a club: Jake Essam, Reece Butler and Charlie Newman. Furthermore Ethan Taylor, Louie Kilpin and Oscar Brenton also helped massively with scrums and lineouts and played expertly. Also, a shout to Aidan Donner who opened lines and had a great game at 12. Lastly for the mentions I congratulate Abdallah Salim and Solomon Be-Goodwin who came on as subs and continued the team’s hard work. Samuel Worthington picked up a well-deserved player of the match with 2 tries to show for it. The score ended 31-0 and Wollaston gladly celebrated with a euphoric lift of the trophy.”

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Simon Anderson