Head’s Newsletter – 16th June 2023

Dear parents and carers


Well done to Year 11 and Year 13!

This week we saw off the bulk of Year 11 following the last few big exams. It is always a poignant time for staff and students alike but all of Year 11 should be extremely proud of their progress this year and how they have performed throughout the examination period. We will await with eager anticipation the results days in the summer. It would be remiss not to mention Year 13 who also have worked diligently and with commitment throughout the examination period and again they should be really proud of how they have approached key stage 5 following the disruption to key stage 4. By and large, most of Year 13 have now completed their exams although there are a couple of exams next still to go! We wish all students the best of luck as they complete their exams.


Channel Swim

Last weekend, one of our science teachers, Mr Bodicoat also achieved an amazing feat- this time one of endurance as he was involved in a team relay swimming the English Channel! He has promised to write a few words for next week’s newsletter so we will await that with some anticipation. Congratulation to Mr Bodicoat for a remarkable swim!


Hot Weather Information

Students have been encouraged this week to remove ties and sweatshirts. This can continue until further notice.

We have also encouraged students to stay hydrated. We have a number of water fountains across school where water bottles can be filled, and we encourage students to use these outside of lesson times.



Whilst we have relaxed the rule around ties and sweaters due to the hot weather could all parents, please be reminded that students are still expected to be in school shoes and other regular items! The pastoral team have a planned uniform drive to ensure we maintain our high standards through to the end of term. It would be very helpful to staff if parents reinforce this message at home.


FLAIR Racism Survey Feedback

Please use the link below to read the letter from Miss Ayres detailing feedback from the recent FLAIR survey conducted in school. This has yielded some fascinating results and will feed into our plans for PSHE and the pastoral curriculum in the coming months.

Flair update

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Simon Anderson