Head’s Newsletter -10th November 2023

Dear parents and carers

A key aspect of our school improvement last year was focused
on our student leadership programme, and I am really pleased to say that today
we hosted our first student leadership conference of the year. Such is the
impact of the project and the amazing presentation delivered by our Diversity
Ambassadors at the recent Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Conference we have
been approached by other schools to visit and see how we are building our
student leadership group and how our students are making a difference to the
development of Wollaston School. It has been interesting to hear about the
impact today has already had on the personal development of our students, for
example one of our ambassadors, Erin Fellowes commented: “I’m enjoying
learning how to set goals and not give up on those goals by setting

Ambassador Conference

Evie Boss and Imogen Bailey writes: “Today we arrived and headed straight to the
hall, we were given a new pen and started to introduce ourselves to the new
ambassadors.  I really enjoyed this as it was really nice to see the
amount of new people joining the group and the bigger impact we can have on the


Miss Ayres then introduced a man named Jack Fleckley who
talked about his experiences of rowing 3000 miles, being in the military,
climbing a mountain, running in the Sahara Desert and much more.  This was
fascinating to hear as it motivated all of us to think about our objectives and
personal goals we wanted to achieve.


In session 2, we learned new ways on how to present our
PowerPoint slides for assemblies and confidence with presentation which was
really beneficial as it will help us to implement this into our assemblies as a


In session 3, Jack asked us to create our own
presentations based from what he taught us about them from the first 2
lessons.  We then worked together in our ambassador groups to create a
beneficial presentation that others can learn from, therefore reflecting our
teamwork and leadership skills.


In session 4 we all presented in our ambassador groups to
show how we have used today to develop our speaking and presentation
skills.  Thank you to Jack for taking the time to support us today.”


Celebrating Diwali

Vinisha Patel Year 7 writes:
“For me, Diwali is about celebrating everything about Hinduism including all
the gods. Diwali means to thank all the gods to me, and some people celebrate
it in all kinds of ways: fireworks, praying, giving gifts, decorating the
interior and exterior of their homes, spending time with family and friends and
so much more! As Diwali is the festival of lights, most people have candles all
around there house or are planning to set of a lot of fireworks. I find Diwali
to be interesting and very enjoyable. It is one of my favourite times of year!





Today we marked Remembrance by coming together as a school
and remembering the sacrifice made by the armed forces of the United Kingdom
and the commonwealth, pay tribute to the special contribution of families and
emergency services and to acknowledge the innocent civilians who have lost
their lives in conflict or through acts or terror.

Special thanks to Charlie Harris from Year 12 who played the
last post during our remembrance service.



Parking in and Around Wollaston School

Could I please again request that parents and carers picking
children up from school at the end of the day park considerately, responsibly
and please be respectful of our neighbours.

Key Dates for the Diary


    • Success at GCSE Evening – Thursday 16th November 2023


    • Reminder of the
      additional day added to the Christmas Holiday – Wednesday 20th December is now a holiday day.


Best wishes for the week ahead.