Headteachers Letter – 29th April 2022

Dear Parents and carers,

I hope that our students and families are looking forward to a relaxing bank holiday weekend – and that the weather improves slightly from the fairly cold mornings we currently have!


Summer Examinations Series

This term marks a very welcome return to a full suite of external controlled assessments and public examinations for students in Years 11 and 13. This programme begins immediately after the bank holiday with assessments such as the language orals, A level art exams, PE moderation and Technology and Drama practical exams all taking place in the next few weeks.  This is always a very focused and exciting time for the school, and one in which we come together as a community to support students in achieving great success in their qualifications – the culmination of their Wollaston School journey.

I am of course aware that for students in Years 7, 8 and 9, this will be the first time that they have seen Wollaston School operate a full examinations series, and the school does function a little differently during these times.  We will provide students in all year groups with relevant information and detail through tutor time sessions – as there will be out of bounds areas and a need to be silent when moving around some areas of the school at some times of the school day. We also ensure that signage is well publicised and displayed in order to support this process. We have always been very proud of how the entire school has worked as one to support students who are taking exams – and as a  community school, I know that most children and families will know of students in Years 11 and 13 and support them with achieving every success with their upcoming exams.    So, as we approach the official start of this process, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students the very best of luck for their qualifications. We are incredibly proud of the resilience demonstrated throughout the covid period and how you have bounced back with such positively and a thirst for success. We will support you every step of the way – with no pressure, but plenty of purpose.

Subject teachers are the first port of call for any specific queries – and I know that many students are utilising their  teachers’ expertise to ensure that they are well prepared. Pastoral staff are also available for more general enquiries and the Sixth Form team can be contacted on MeliaJ@wollaston-school.net and Mrs Elmes, Head of Year 11 ElmesM@wollaston-school.net


Action Jackson

Head of Year 11 Mrs Elmes writes;

“On Friday 22nd April the year 11s were fortunate to participate in a motivational assembly with Action Jackson.

Jackson spent the morning with the year group helping them to create new ways of thinking, revision techniques and to think positively about the challenging weeks ahead.

Action Jackson created a positive atmosphere to inspire the year group helping them to think about the reasons ‘why’ in regards to exams and their personal mission.  He challenged the students to search for the drive to accomplish their goals.

The students found the session extremely engaging and valued his experience during the session.”


Extra Curricular Activities and School Trips

One of the additional benefits of emerging from Covid restrictions has been the ability to resume a number of trips and visits which had been side-lined for the past two years. The summer term is traditionally a busy time for such activities and 2022 marks a resumption of the events which can make an education so inspiring and memorable.

In the next few weeks alone, we will be running Geography Field Trips, Inter School Science visits,  Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, Netball trips and our Year 9 and 10 Scholars programme. All of this in addition to some regular clubs and activities and the summer PE programme will be published next week.

We will also be undertaking some whole school work on diversity and equality, careers advice and guidance as well as a range of charitable activities, once the exams series has concluded. It promises to be a busy and exciting term!


Lost or Missing Catering Cards

Following an issue this week, I wanted to publicise the procedure for students in the event that they have forgotten or lost a catering card – as of course we will ensure that all students are able to access catering provision, even in these circumstances.

The finance office (in the maths block) will now be open every break and lunchtime, which will enable any student with a missing card to access their parent pay account and pay for food at the kitchen. We will also publicise this information with students in form time.

Please note that this system is of course only a temporary measure – and replacement catering cards need to be ordered through parent pay.  Cards can be ordered through the Parent Pay Website HERE


Student Achievements

We are delighted to report that Chloe Deacon in Year 9  has recently passed her Grade 4 piano exam with Merit, Congratulations Chloe!! We have a talented student body and  are always keen to publicise achievements – so please contact FitzhughJ@wollaston-school.net if you have some good news to share!


Thank you as always for your exceptional support of Wollaston School. if you do have anything which you would like to discuss, please get in touch FitzhughJ@wollaston-school.net and I would be happy to hear from you.


James Birkett

Executive Headteacher