Headteachers Letter – 6th May 2022

Dear Parents and carers,

We have had an excellent week in school following the bank holiday weekend with lots of industry in lessons, trips out for Year 12 geographers and Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh students and also, for some of our Year 11 and 13 students, a week where formal examinations have already started!


Summer Examinations – Reminder

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter by Mr Birkett, by this time next week we will be in full swing of the summer examination window. This does mean that especially for our younger year groups, they will notice some restriction in their freedom of movement around the school due to the exams. Reminders have gone out in form time today that exam venues will be in use from next week, and for students to be aware of their surroundings and to follow the signage in a calm and orderly fashion! Good luck to all of our students and families involved in the examinations- I am sure it will be another opportunity for our students to demonstrate the determined attitude that has served them so well over the last two years.



A reminder that students are expected to be in full school uniform for the summer months, the school is well stocked with any items that you may be missing so we are able to get any uniform issues rectified quickly. For any uniform issues that cannot be easily rectified please email your child’s head of year so that we can make a note of any issues.



Following feedback from student voice and parents, we have decided to assign toilet blocks to year groups at break and lunchtime. This will start with effect from Monday and students will be expected to use the assigned facilities during unstructured times.

There will be no change to arrangements for lesson times, and should your child need to use the toilet they will be permitted to use the nearest toilet block to their classroom.



Geography Field Trip To Norfolk

This week a group of intrepid Year 12 geographers were on the sunny Norfolk coast for a fascinating 3 day field trip as part of their A-level course. The trip focused on investigating both physical and human geography and students had the opportunity to learn about a variety of data collection techniques and also how to use different tools to measure the effectiveness of sea defences, long shore drift and sediment. They also spent some time surveying different locations around the towns of Cromer and Sheringham and conducting questionnaires with residents and tourists. It wasn’t, however, all work as I hear that they did also get the opportunity for a little beach rounders and some souvenir shopping as well! I am sure this was a welcome opportunity for our students and staff to embrace the practical nature of the subject- another welcome return to some normality!


Duke of Edinburgh

Another fantastic opportunity for our staff and students to get back to relative normality is with recommencement of the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions that have naturally been on hold during the pandemic. To date we have had students complete very successfully their silver and gold practice expeditions in the peak district. Miss Ayling reports that thankfully the weather was kind to the students – who themselves were excellent on the hills and didn’t want to leave! Furthermore, during the last two weeks we have had a number of Year 10 students complete successful bronze award training afternoons where they had the opportunity to put their map-reading and compass skills to the test. Clearly their skills were up to the task as they were all present and correct in school the following day! There are two more training exercises coming up prior to the main expeditions in May and June. For any Year 9s wishing to do the DoE award, recruitment for the bronze award will take place after May half-term as will recruitment for Year 10 silver award.


Site Improvements

Next week will see the arrival on site of contractors who will be resurfacing our lower MUGA. The work is due to take a four weeks to complete but once finished will provide us with another state of the art surface that will be a great benefit to our school community. There will ,however, be a knock on effect to the arrangements for break and lunch as the Year 7 footballers will be relocated to the field and there will also be some change to the practicalities of our fire evacuation plans. These plans will be shared with students during registration on Monday and we will have a fire drill on Tuesday to ensure that all students know the arrangements in the event of any future need to evacuate the buildings.

Do have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to welcoming students back on Monday for another exciting week!

Simon Anderson 

Head of School