Student Leadership Conference 2022

17th November Student Leadership Conference

On Thursday 17th November, 90 successful students ambassador applicants were invited to Wollaston’s first student leadership conference.

After being welcomed to the conference and a brief introduction to the day’s events, former military leader Andrew Thomson took centre stage. Throughout his opening speech Andrew introduced the students to the complexities of being a leader, having himself led teams of increasing size. From leading 24 soldiers in Bosnia in his first deployment in 1994, to being the Commanding Officer of 1050 soldiers across 4 separate continents in his last tour in 2014. Before progressing on to speaking about leaving the armed forces and eventually how Andrew is now a leader in the defence industry.

From this speech the students then discussed how they can implement the messages Andrew shared into their own Wollaston journey and beyond. From always giving 100%, being confident in themselves and showing compassion to their peers as you never know what is going on behind closed doors, to the importance of consistency needed in order to maintain order within society.

The students then began to branch out into discussion on ways to improve the school. With groups planning ways that we can improve the selection of learning strategies, the Diversification of Wollaston, the Community of Wollaston, and many more. Each group (Eco, Community, STEAM, Learning, Head Council, Diversity and Wellbeing) ultimately planning three tasks to improve and consolidate progression in these areas.

Overall the conference was a resounding success. With the students loving both the guest speaker as well as the creative aspect of the day and looking forward to implementing their plans and making the school the best that it can be.

‘[It was] Very interesting to learn about leadership and how we should aspire to be our best self.’ – Evie Bush

‘Andy was very informative, and he showed us how in leadership you cannot have favourites.’ – Max Pittham

‘Having such an inspirational speaker in was a wonderful experience.’ – Alice Bowden

A massive thank you goes out to Mr Thomson for taking time out of his schedule to speak to the students, and to Miss Ayres for organising such a wonderful event.

Ryan Lack

Head Boy