Ten Pin Bowling Success

We are overjoyed to report that Jessica Sillis in Year 9, represented Team England in ten pin bowling at Blanchardstown near Dublin in            Ireland in August 2019 where she played in the Youth Triple Crown.

The countries represented were England, Ireland and Scotland and they played a series of matches over a three day period. Jessica played in the girls under 16 division and was the youngest girl in the whole tournament. Being the youngest did bring the advantage of leading Team   England onto the lanes during the opening ceremony, carrying the English flag.

On the first day of the tournament, Jessica won the gold medal in the singles event.  An interesting fact here was she was the highest girl       scorer in all divisions including the eldest in the under 22 division.

On the second day, she played in the doubles event with her partner and won the gold medal. In the afternoon Jessica played in the trios      event and won the silver medal.

On the third and final day of the tournament, Jessica played in the team event and won the gold medal. The afternoon session was the        Masters event and she won the silver medal.  At the banquet that evening she also won the gold medal for all events which is where all the weekend scores are totalled up.

It was a fantastic experience for Jessica, at the age of just 13 she represented her country, led her country  out onto the lanes and stood on   the podium, collecting her medals, with the national anthem playing.  In total she won 4 golds and 2 Silver medals.  Jessica hopes to qualify  again next year, but at her age there are plenty of opportunities in the future.

Jessica plays at Wellingborough Youth Bowling Club (YBC), which meets most Saturdays and competes in tournaments up and down the        country throughout the year.  She is coached every fortnight by one of the top coaches in the country/Europe and trains two times a week.

Congratulations Jessica and we look forward to hearing about your future successes!