Wollaston School Assessment and Reports

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope that you successfully managed to log into GO4schools to access the latest report for your child.  Each report contains a snapshot of the latest assessment grades along with effort grades for each subject.

I have written to you previously to explain some of the changes that the government has made to the education system and how Wollaston School is adapting to those changes.  You will have noticed the impact of these changes in our reports.  The attached letter will explain what the new reports mean for your son/daughter.

Over the next two weeks each tutor will be showing their students how to log in to GO4schools so that they may also view their reports and assessment grades.  I have attached the instructions that tutors will be running through for reference at home.  It is worth knowing that students may access their school email accounts through the school website.

Kind Regards,

Mr C. Rowland – TLD for Assessment and Reporting


Assessment & Reporting Letter

Wollaston School – Guide to Reporting

Go4Schools Pupil Access