Wollaston School Mass Covid Testing Site

This week has seen the roll out of the new Government Lateral Flow Mass Testing Programme at Wollaston School, which has seen the team, consisting of Wollaston School staff members, process over 220 tests!    We are delighted with the success of this programme and staff have been really appreciative of being able to get tested and remain in school to support our students.  It has provided staff and students with added reassurance during these worrying times.

There are so many people to thank, who have been key in ensuring the success of this programme, including all of the test team, site staff who are cleaning the facility and all of the staff who have helped order equipment (and build in some cases – Mr Gardner made the Perspex screens!).

The LAW school students have been absolutely incredible this week when coming down for their tests.  They have been so brave and conducted themselves impeccably.  We are really proud of them.

Going forwards, we have a bank of volunteers trained and ready to support us when we need it and the school is once again open to all year groups, which is amazing! However, the first week of testing has made us realise what a mammoth job we will have on our hands once all students and staff are back – and so if you are interested in volunteering to join the testing team, and can spare a few hours each week, then please do get in touch with me so I can talk to you about what is involved nixonl@wollaston-school.net.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Mrs Louisa Nixon

HR & Operations Manager