Wollaston School Triumphs at Wellingborough Music Festival 4th year in a Row!

Wollaston School’s music students have been taking part in the Wellingborough Music Festival all week (4th- 8th March 2019). The Wellingborough Music Festival is a local Music competition that Wollaston School enters every year. The Wellingborough Music Festival is run by the Wellingborough Rotary Club. Each group enters plays a minimum of 2 contrasting pieces and goes up against other local schools/music centres that enter. We are so proud to announce we have managed to retain two trophies for 4 years and this year we have gained the Senior Ensemble Cup, which we have never won before! Well done to all the Wollaston School Musicians involved!

All Wollaston School students have achieved amazing results they are as follows:

The Ensemble Classes Results are as follows:

Large Ensemble Class:
1st place- Wollaston School Concert Band (Trophy-4th year in a row!)
2nd = place- Wollaston School Big Band
2nd = place- Wollaston School Ukuleles

Orchestra Class:
1st place- Wollaston School Orchestra (Trophy-4th year in a row!)

Small Senior Ensemble:
1st place- Wollaston School Trad Jazz
3rd place- Wollaston School Clarinet Ensemble (Lead by Francesca Zoboky)

Senior Duet Class:
1st Place- Francesca Zoboky and Eva Jennings (Trophy)

Intermediate Duet Class:
1st Place- Phoebe Bainton and Ellie Roberts (Trophy)

There has also been great successes in solo classes well done to all whom entered and also had successes!

Results in so far….
Senior Solo Woodwind:
1st place- Francesca Zoboky

Intermediate 2 Solo Woodwind:
1st place- Eva Jennings

Intermediate Solo Brass:
2nd place- Elise Hale

Intermediate 2 Solo Strings:
1st place- Eva Jennings

Well done to all students involved we are all very proud of you!

The winners concert is at the Castle Theatre Wednesday 20th March 2019 at 7pm. Concert Band have been invited to play!

Mrs Elaine Hollis-Brown
Head of Music