Year 7 Residential / Alternative Curriculum Day

Almost 40 students from year 7 enjoyed a 2-day alternative curriculum which focused on Teambuilding.

Day one included initial icebreaker scenarios where students had to use a variety of verbal and non-verbal communication skills, team challenges with spaghetti and jelly babies where teams had to create the tallest free-standing structure, team relays, a blindfolded puzzle game and team sports.

Day two included a military style warm up session involving tyres followed by a problem-solving task called ‘Extraction’ where teams had to plan the safe extraction of a jerry-can from a mined zone before tackling the dreaded Wollaston assault course.

The climax event saw teams go head-to-head in a race against the clock as they battled through tyre runs, tyre slaloms, tyre crawls, cargo nets and then the all-important team ski-walk. Congratulations to the winners who were the Blue team; Martin Beczkowski, Sonny King, Matthew Marshall, Poppy North-Row, Ruby Robinson and Charlotte Wilson.

Mr Beeby, Deputy Headteacher said ‘the students were amazing from start to finish, they have learnt some important skills of working as part of a team that they can use in any situation’.

Special mention to Tabia Friedman and Freddie Duke who received special praise and a Headteacher commendation for their outstanding leadership contribution.