Examination Results

All students in Years 10 and 11 follow courses leading to public examinations for the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and a range of other courses. Most students take examinations in nine subjects. Sixth Form students usually study either 3 or 4 subjects at A Level or BTEC.

The school is always pleased to discuss results overall or in any specific area(s). Enquiries should be addressed in the first instance to Mr Birkett, Headteacher.

A Level Results 2021

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, a brand new grade awarding system, and the cancellation of external exams, Post 16 students at Wollaston School are celebrating incredible achievements in their A level and BTEC qualifications.

Headteacher James Birkett paid tribute to students and staff for the way in which they have approached the 2021 awards season.

“ It has been inspiring to see how our Sixth Form students approached working towards their formal qualifications. In the face of such unprecedented challenges and disruption, our students were fearless, resilient, positive and determined to achieve their potential in this qualifications series. Their effort and application was unstinting throughout and they deserve the success that is being celebrated today. I would also like to thank our excellent team of staff who have enabled such successful outcomes. As many will know, teachers have had far more involvement in the awarding process this year and our staff have supported students and this new process with expertise, enthusiasm and integrity.”

There are results to celebrate across the entire cohort, alongside some individual achievements which represent truly elite levels of academic performance.

Jesse Acquah – A*A*AA – University of Oxford
Sadie Allen – AAA – University of Warwick
Layla Beale – A Di*Di*Di – Apprenticeship
Jamie Blackadder – A*A*A – Musical Conservatoire
Aislinn Coffey -A*AA – Harper and Keele Veterinary School
Jacob Coleman – A*A*A – University of Exeter
Toby Davenport – A*A*AA – University of Exeter
Ben Edwards – A*A*A – University of Manchester
Christopher Elvin – A*A*A*A – University of Exeter
Connor McMahon – A*A*A – Hull and York Medical School
Nathan Scola – A*A*AA – University of Durham (Deferred)
Abbie Smart – A*A*A* – University of Nottingham
Millie Smart – A*A Distinction – University of Worcester
Adam Turnbull – A*A*AA – University of Southampton
Lucy Van Zoelen -AAA – University of Birmingham
Josef Vintner – A*A*A* – University of Bristol Veterinary School
Imogen Wainwright – A*A*A – University of Sussex
Penny Walpole – A*A*A* – University of Birmingham
Maisie Warren – A*AA – Cardiff University
David Wilcox – A*A*A*A – University of Bath
Alana Wright – A*A*A* – University of Nottingham

Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form, Tony Mills commented

“we are extremely proud of the way that the students have performed throughout the last two years. They have responded superbly to the unique challenges that they have faced, and they truly deserve the excellent results that they have achieved. We are delighted to see them now preparing for some very exciting challenges as they set off on their individual pathways; we have students going into work, some starting apprenticeships and others heading off to some excellent universities. Whatever their choices we know that they will do superbly, their work ethic and determination will bring them the success and we wish them every happiness.”

Congratulations again to all of our Sixth Form students on their exceptional achievements throughout their education at Wollaston School and particularly for their fortitude and hard work in achieving such wonderful outcomes in the face of such global disruption. We wish all students well in their University courses, apprenticeships or employment and we look forward to staying in touch and learning of their future achievements!


GCSE Results 2021

After the excellent Sixth Form Results earlier this week, our 2021 Year 11 students are today celebrating incredible achievements in their GCSE and BTEC qualifications. Although results were available online, many students decided to  receive their qualifications in person, with the traditional “envelope opening” ritual in Wollaston’s main School Hall.

Headteacher James Birkett praised their achievements,

“Our 2021GCSE students have accomplished a truly exceptional set of qualifications in the most demanding of circumstances. Our Year 11 cohort were resolute in the face of  national disruption and worked incredibly hard towards the suite of internal assessments which decided their grades. Students have been  absolutely inspiring in their positivity, dedication and quest for academic excellence. They deserve to celebrate and take great pride in the amazing grade awards they have received this morning. I would also like to recognise the excellent work and support of our staff team in ensuring that our students were well prepared and set up for success in such a different system of awarding grades this year. The expertise and commitment of staff, coupled with the support of parents and most importantly the inspiring approach of our students has ensured that despite the circumstances, 2021 is another year in which Wollaston School students can celebrate outstanding results which should be a source of personal and collective pride.”

A feature of this year has been the need to adapt provision to ensure that all students have been able to success, not matter the personal or national circumstances, and we are delighted that students from across the entire cohort have succeeded in their qualifications.   We are also celebrating some exemplary individual results which rank alongside the elite academic performances nationally.

Rory Traynor – 7 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 8’s

Lauren Wells –7 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 8’s

Ethan Jennings – 6 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 8’s

Amber Hill –4 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s

Samantha Gamble –  1 Grade 9, 7 Grade 8’s, Level 2 Distinction*

Poppy McNeal – 3 Grade 9’s,  4 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s

Matthew Jennings – 3 Grade 9’s, 2 Grade 8’s, 3 Grade 7’s, Level 2 Distinction*

Amy Mordue – 2 Grade 9’s, 6 Grade 8’s, 1 Grade 6

Sophee Parker – 2 Grade 9’s, 4 Grade 8’s, 3 Grade 7’s

Nazia Akhtar – 1 Grade 9, 5 Grade 8’s, 2 Grade 7’s, 1 Grade 6

Katie Godwin – 2 Grade 9’s, 3 Grade 8’s, 3 Grade 7’s, 1 Grade 6

Joseph Dunkley – 5 Grade 8’s, 3 Grade 7’s, Level 2 Distinction

Assistant Headteacher and Head of Year 11, Mrs Walker paid tribute to her year group

“Our students have demonstrated amazing resilience and determination throughout the last two years with challenges that neither they or us could have imagined. None of us should underestimate the impact that the pandemic has had on our students accessing and coping with the demands of completing their courses with so many weeks being forced to work remotely. As a year group they have risen to these challenges and the outcomes they have achieved have been a reflection of those individual efforts. A large number of students will be joining the sixth form at Wollaston in September and we are delighted that they will be continuing their education journey with us. Other students are going on to study at local colleges and sixth forms, taking up apprenticeships and joining the armed forces. Whatever their chosen next steps, we wish them all the best for the future and we know they will enjoy further successes along the way.”

As a result of these qualifications, students are now ready to take the next steps in their education. We wish those leaving to college courses or apprenticeships the very best in their future endeavours, and look forward to welcoming back most of Year 11 into our excellent Sixth Form, alongside an increasing number of external applicants from other schools. If parents or students do have any questions regarding Wollaston School  Sixth Form entry, please contact Mr Mills MillsT@wollaston-school.net or Mrs Melia MeliaJ@wollaston-school.net for further information.


Congratulations again to  the Wollaston School GCSE class of 2021, as an entire school community, we are incredibly proud of your achievements

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