Library and Resources Centre

The Library at Wollaston School is a large open plan space that includes 12 computers, printer availability and access to Fiction, Non-Fiction and Magazines.


Opening Hours

The Library & LRC is currently within the Year 9 'bubble' and therefore only available to Year 9's at break and lunch time.


The Library is managed by Mrs Henning, e-mail at



Reading Book Access

Students can reserve a book of their choice using Reading Cloud. Not sure how to do this? Follow the instructions in your Reading Journal. Your reserved book will be brought to you by Mrs Henning whilst we operate the 'bubble' system at school.

Please click on this link for instructions on how to access a book Virtual Library Access_KS3

Reading Cloud Link, please use this link to reserve a book you would like to read, I will then deliver the book to you.

Reading Recommendations

If there is a book that you would recommend to a friend and we don’t stock it, come and speak to the librarian and we’ll see if we can stock it.


Book Club

We are looking to start a student book club, let Mrs Henning know if you are interested.

Student Librarian

A student librarian helps to put resources away, issue and return resources and may also be asked to help with displays, literacy competitions or assist a student with homework.

If you would like more information, speak to Mrs Henning.