Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

Our core belief at Wollaston School is that learning should be an enjoyable, exciting and worthwhile experience for all students; enabling learners to develop socially and emotionally as well as preparing them for the world of work and further or higher education.

Our mission is to:

To cultivate effective teaching practices grounded in Rosenshine's principles, we aim to empower teachers to create dynamic learning environments that foster student engagement, develop knowledge and skills that allows all students to emulate specialists in each subject, excel academically and thrive as they become confident learners across the curriculum. 

We will achieve this by planning all learning using the following core principles: 

  • Effective leadership of the classroom.
  • Frequent reviews of prior learning.
  • Effective use of questioning and methods for checking understanding.
  • Sequencing learning using chunking, modelling and scaffolding.
  • Using guided practice that leads to independence.
  • Developing subject literacy to promote high quality academic talk and writing.

These principles are founded from an understanding of what works best at Wollaston. They are rooted in Rosenshine’s principles of instruction and as such have a firm grounding in educational research and are universally accepted as being effective in the classroom. Vitally they also can be seen to be common to the practice of expert teachers at Wollaston School.  

Using these principles in practice will allow staff to ensure that they are making intentional, deliberate choices to maximise their students’ learning. To help achieve our ambition of excellence across teaching and learning at Wollaston staff will have the opportunity to enhance their professional development through provision of pedagogical pathways in Wollaston’s CPD provision.  

For further details about how we develop Teaching & Learning, please see our T&L policy here: https://www.wollastonschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Wollaston-Teaching-Learning-Assessment-and-Homework-Policy-July-2018.pdf