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Art & Design Technology

The faculty comprises of a highly skilled team of creative specialists from a range of artistic and industry based disciplines. This strong and rapidly evolving Faculty area offers students the opportunity to study Art and Design, Food Technology, Product Designs and Textiles.

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The faculty encourages all students to develop practical making skills in a broad range of materials, techniques and processes.

We ensure independent learning skills are encouraged wherever possible to support them to become more inquisitive and willing to take risks with their ideas. We strive to give every student the opportunity to experience a range of creative and practical problem-solving situations through the design and making of high quality products in a variety of specialist material areas. The range of facilities on offer allows students to build their confidence across many disciplines and secures areas of strength.

Art Overview

The Art Department aims to promote and support the collective aims and objectives of both Wollaston School and the Art & Design Technology Faculty. Art plays an important role in broadening a student’s visual, cultural and creative development. We respond to this through the use and exploration of many stimulating images, objects, ideas and diverse artistic styles.

At Wollaston we work in a thematic approach ensuring students have opportunities to develop both two and three dimensional skills in a variety of materials.

We encourage independent learning skills through regular homework tasks, which are carried out in sketch books and in other creative formats. Students have the chance to research ideas and artefacts from a variety of historical and cultural contexts to assist their own creative experiments.

We encourage students to challenge themselves and succeed, regardless of their ability; we use good one to one direction and support, with verbal and written feedback helping them to progress.

We also encourage on-going self-evaluation and peer assessment to allow independent target setting which helps personal achievement and allows our students to develop their skills in line with National and Examination Boards standards.

The skills taught across Art and Design range from digital photography, painting using a range of watercolours, acrylics and oils as well as 3D modelling.  Design Technology projects focus on product design and production using a range of materials and construction processes. Every project is underpinned by contemporary artists and designers from a range of times, places and cultures.

As a student you will be encouraged to be an autonomous and an imaginative problem solver, both as an individual and a member of a team. You will further develop confidence, creativity and an awareness of the word around you by exploring visual, tactile and other sensory experiences to communicate ideas and meanings. You will be encouraged to reflect critically, analysing quality, value and meaning. You will learn to think and act as an artist, craftsperson and designer.

Art Department Values

  • To always have a go and try your best.
  • To work as individuals within a structured framework.
  • To work as part of a team and to make best use of time, resources, materials and facilities.
  • To show respect towards each other and the facilities, resources, equipment and materials.
  • To participate in class discussions and activities and to value each other’s contributions.
  • To become more aware of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural influences within our own and others’ lives and environments.
  • To contribute to and learn from visually stimulating whole school and classroom display.
  • To take pride and ownership of the quality and success of class and homework.
  • To have the confidence to rise to new challenges and be prepared to take risks.
  • To realise the need to look beyond the confines of school and the locality for ideas and inspiration.
  • To take part in school, local and national competitions and exhibitions as they arise.

Product Design Overview

Product Design is a creative subject that students can take in KS3, in KS4 at GCSE and at KS5 for A2. It involves students working with a wide range of materials (predominantly wood, metal, plastic and cardboard) to create a variety of products from desk clocks and table lamps to door hooks and jewellery boxes.

The subject focuses on students developing a range of sketching and technical drawing skills during KS3 and then enhancing these skills at KS4 & KS5. At the same time they learn how to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) with 2D-Design, Pro Desktop and Photoshop as well as making use of Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) with the CAMM 1 Sticker Cutter, CAMM 2 Milling Machine, LaserCAMM and 3D-Printer.

Food Preparation & Nutrition Overview

Students have an opportunity to study GCSE Food and Nutrition at Key Stage 4. The GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition course continues to build on work that students study at Key Stage 3.  Students are given the opportunity to investigate topics through a wide range of both teacher led and student activity based work.  Students investigate a range of food topics and learn to use a range of different equipment and tools to further their understanding.

By studying this course, students learn about ingredients and methods used to make nutritious food products. They also learn about the function of ingredients used, the nutritional properties of the foods used, the effects of combining different ingredients during the preparation and cooking of foods.  Students have to demonstrate that they are able to use a range of different food preparation skills to produce high quality products.

1430 28September Ben Gregory-Ring

Textiles Overview

Whilst studying Textiles at Wollaston School, students have the opportunity to be experimental, creative and innovative working both individually and as part of a team in a challenging and successful subject area. The projects are all inclusive projects which clearly give opportunities to all abilities and genders. The work allows progression through the years, giving students the opportunity to experiment using a wide variety of surface decoration, construction techniques and the use of smart materials including electronics.

Students will be taught how to present, draw and render designs in a unique and creative way.  They will be taught key textile terminology, how to make paper patterns and models before manufacturing.  Students will learn basic life skills such as sewing on buttons and hemming along with much more complex construction techniques which will keep challenging their decision during making.

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