Art & Design Technology


Art, Design and Technology

We believe that creativity and exploration is key, so students can develop their independence and have the opportunity to try without the fear of failing and take further risks. The curriculum builds a firm foundation as they progress through the curriculum and beyond.

Motor skills are developed from the beginning of Year 7 with the opportunity to apply these throughout KS3 and become more independent learners while using a wide range of equipment and skills.

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Design Technology

Design and Technology is studied on a rotation at KS3, so all students have the opportunity to study and develop skills across all of the material areas. All students will experience theory and practical elements of food and nutrition, product design and textiles. This allows students the chance to identify, select, solve and evaluate problems. They can be creative while considering real life problems; learning a range of practical skills which support numeracy, literacy, and science as well as skills required for everyday life.