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Literacy Strategy

Last year, the Department of Education released a report explaining that ‘Pupils who can read are overwhelmingly more likely to succeed at school’.

The research also shows that the academic gap between 15 year olds who said they ‘never read for enjoyment’ and those who ‘read for up to 30 minutes a day’ is ‘equivalent to just over a year’s schooling.

(‘Reading: the next steps’. Department for Education, 2015).

This is something that we are eager to change within Wollaston School and from September this year, the English department and Library will be working closely together to develop and run new programmes to promote a love of reading and support pupils who struggle with reading. Below, we have outlined our new strategies for your information. We hope that you can join us in reinforcing the importance of reading at home by ensuring that your child is bring reading material with them to school every day and is also reading outside of school for at least 20 minutes a day.

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Literacy Focus - Jan - April 2018

To help improve Literacy across the school all pupils will have a list of words (below) to learn before Easter. They should know the meanings of these, how to spell them and how to use them in their writing by the Easter holidays. Each literacy activity that they complete in tutor time will revisit these words in a task which focuses on a different skill (e.g spelling, defining, writing, etc).

Pupils will have a copy of the word table in their planner, the focus for this term is Synonyms for the word 'beautiful'.



Very attractive or tempting



Like or belonging to an angel






As if witches or some form of magic makes you like it



Tasteful or luxurious in style or appearance



To attract someone



Emitting rays of light or bright with joy and hope



Like or suggesting a statue



Impressing the mind with a sense of power and inspiring awe



Wonderful or remarkable

At the end of the term, there will be a competition based around these words so pupils will be rewarded for their literacy improvement.

Reading Policy

Pupils need to carry a reading book in their bags at all times. This can be anything they enjoy reading, such as a book, magazine or newspaper. They will be reading during tutor time at least twice a week and they will also be reading during English lessons. Students can access the Library before school, break, lunchtime and afterschool until 4pm.

Buzz Books

Promoted by the National Literacy Trust, Year 7 students have an opportunity to purchase a book specifically targeted at their age range at the cost of £3. Letters with details of this scheme will follow shortly.

Accelerated Reader

Pupils in year 7 and 8 are all enrolled on the Accelerated Reader programme. Once a half term, your child will complete a test during an English lesson to determine their current reading age and ensure that they are choosing to read appropriate and challenging books for their level.

Pupils will be encouraged by form tutors and English teachers to take Accelerated Reader quizzes after they have read books, testing their knowledge on what they have been reading. They are able to win prizes for completing these quizzes. More information for parents and guardians about Accelerated Reader can be accessed at

The Buddy Reading Scheme

Pupils in year 7 and 8 who are below the average reading age for their year group will be placed on a ‘buddy reading’ intervention programme, where they will read aloud to a sixth former once a week during form time.

Library System

Pupils are enrolled onto the Library System, which allows them to search for, reserve and explore the books on offer in our school Library. They will also be able to write book reports and discuss their reading in a safe, online environment with their school peers. The system will suggest books based on students’ preferences and books they have chosen from the library previously, and will be accessible from home once the system is fully up and running.


At home, all pupils should be reading independently for at least 20 minutes a day. As homework, all pupils in Key Stage 3 must get their reading sticker signed by their parents / carers on a weekly basis to show that they have completed the required reading. Pupils are also expected to complete a minimum of one Accelerated Reader quiz per half term. Your child’s English teacher will be monitoring this.

Our library refurbishment is expected to be completed by October half term, and by this point all Key Stage 3 students will have log on information for the new library system. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on one of the emails listed below:

Sophie Bunyan (Teacher of English and Key Stage 3 English Co-Ordinator)

Sarah Gamble (Teacher of English and Literacy Co-Ordinator)

Tanya Henning (Librarian and Digital Media Technician)

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