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At Wollaston the MFL curriculum provides students with the opportunity to study a wide range of themes, increasing their knowledge of vocabulary while building their understanding of structures and how language works. Students are able to express their opinions on a variety of topic areas relevant to their everyday lives. Students are also encouraged to see themselves as global citizens.  They recognise that language learning is a life long skill, developing listening, concentration and social skills through partnership and group work, and thus enhancing their self-esteem. Students learn to appreciate the importance of communication skills in the modern world of work. They develop their self-confidence and resilience through challenging work, enabling all learners to make the most progress they can.  We have a modern and interactive curriculum which does not use textbooks.

The faculty is based in five main teaching rooms, including a Languages Lab, and interactive websites and games are frequently used in lessons.  There is a dedicated speaking room where older students have the opportunity to practise with French or German assistants, who are native speakers.