Good luck today to our 6th form linguists 🙂 #AlevelResults #alevels #alevelresultsday
T-20 mins for your Gimkit KS3. Check the document for the code if you want to join us! #gimkit #homelearning
We asked you wanted and we listened KS3 gimkits are back for one week only! Check your school email for the link to the code. 3pm Start!
Lovely to hear our y12 Germanists in with Mr R and Mrs W today. Looking forward to seeing y12 French next week! Cue…
This looks fun for those of you in year 11 - 13! The book club might be relevant y12/13 and some of the translation…
MFL Picture

At Wollaston the MFL curriculum provides students with the opportunity to study a wide range of themes, increasing their knowledge of vocabulary while building their understanding of structures and how language works. Students are able to express their opinions on a variety of topic areas relevant to their everyday lives. Students are also encouraged to see themselves as global citizens.  They recognise that language learning is a life long skill, developing listening, concentration and social skills through partnership and group work, and thus enhancing their self-esteem. Students learn to appreciate the importance of communication skills in the modern world of work. They develop their self-confidence and resilience through challenging work, enabling all learners to make the most progress they can.  We have a modern and interactive curriculum which does not use textbooks.

The faculty is based in five main teaching rooms, including a Languages Lab, and interactive websites and games are frequently used in lessons.  There is a dedicated speaking room where students have the opportunity to practise their spoken French or German with Sixth Form mentors.