Pastoral System

A Head of Year is dedicated to each year group to assist form tutors. The Head of Year has responsibility for the overall academic progress and social development of each child in that year.  He / she co-ordinates the work of form tutors and is an important source of information and contact for parents.

The Head of Year will encourage high standards of behaviour and dress and will maintain a clear record of students' academic and personal progress as students move up through the school.

All records maintained on students by the school or Education Authority shall be open to the individuals concerned and to their parents or guardians.


Transition from Year 6 into Year 7

At Wollaston School, we believe that the transition process from primary to secondary school is crucial to a child’s success. We know that it can be an experience accompanied by a mix of emotions for all involved, but our aim at Wollaston is to reassure students and parents so that nerves and apprehension are converted to excitement and enthusiasm for the journey ahead. Making use of our professional relationships with the local primary schools and using our existing students as ambassadors to guide and support our new cohort, the progression from primary to secondary school begins in early April.

A ‘Summer School’ is offered at Wollaston School during the summer break to help students meet new friends and familiarise themselves with the school environment.

The journey continues once students join us in September with strategies and support put in to place to guarantee a successful start to the term. With an emphasis on team-building, forming relationships and personal awareness, the first term offers a residential experience to build a sense of belonging and pride in the Wollaston School community. We constantly strive to improve and develop our practice and listen carefully to feedback from students and parents to ensure we are inspiring and motivating students to achieve their aspirations at school.

Student Safety

The pastoral and emotional well-being of all our students is of paramount importance to us. Each year group has a Head of Year who works closely with a dedicated student manager and form tutors. Each year office has an open door policy where advice and guidance is offered to anyone who needs it. We work closely with outside agencies building strong relationships to benefit our students. Students meet with their tutor once a day, partaking in group discussion and improving skills such as teamwork, communication and resourcefulness. The role of the tutor is to support each student within their group and is the first point of contact for student, parent or teacher if there are any concerns. Community ethos is promoted through competitions within tutor groups and houses. Each week the students meet for an assembly with a framework of themes based on academic, community values and personal learning. Awards assemblies are held once a term to celebrate the success of the year group. We believe this creates a positive community spirit, a strong sense of belonging, where individual success can be recognised, rewarded and enjoyed.

We communicate with parents by letter, email or telephone, from time to time, in order to resolve issues swiftly. Parents should contact their child’s form tutor in the first instance if any queries or concerns arise. Each student has a planner to record comments, lesson targets and any relevant information such as homework.


We have a clear anti-bullying policy that has a range of strategies for dealing with any issues as they arise, although we are pleased to say that such incidents are very rare at Wollaston School. If a student is ever upset or anxious about anything then they can always talk to their tutor, visit their student manager or Head of Year. We foster an open and honest relationship between parents and the school and we hope that parents feel confident in approaching us when matters arise.