Performing Arts

Performing Arts comprises closely linked areas of Drama, Music and Dance. Within Performing Arts students are given opportunities to develop skills and confidence for life-long learning, exploring issues related to citizenship and other curriculum areas as well as developing subject specific knowledge and skills in a creative, challenging and supportive environment.

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Welcome to Drama & Dance at Wollaston School

In Key Stage 3 pupils undertake a practical curriculum where learners are encouraged to develop a range of drama and dance skills with classes rotating between subjects every half-term.

In Drama these skills include role play, hot seating, still image, thought-tracking and writing in role through exploration, performing and evaluating.

In Dance, students will develop knowledge of skills including dance actions, motif development, choreographic devices and composition through performance, choreography, appreciation and evaluation. Pupils are given opportunities to work as part of a team as well as developing self-confidence and presentation skills.

The content of the course is varied and includes exploration of issues as well as scripted or choreographed pieces and learners with an interest are also able to develop a wider understanding of technical theatre in Year 9. At Key Stage 4 learners can opt to study drama and dance further through the choice of either GCSE Drama or Dance, or BTEC L2 Performing Arts which may then lead to A levels or BTEC L3 in these areas.

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BTEC level 3 Performing Arts (Diploma and Subsidiary Diploma)

Post 16 learners are offered the opportunity to follow a BTEC course in Performing Arts to level 3. Learners can choose to follow the Subsidiary Diploma, which is equivalent in teaching time and potential UCAS points to 1 A level, or the Diploma, which is equivalent in time and points to 2 A levels.

Success on these courses is high with 100% of learners achieving Distinction* or Distinction for their chosen course in 2015.

Learners are given opportunities within the units to take ownership of their performances and have staged productions such as:

  • The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (Performing to an Audience)
  • Schools (We) Will Rock You (Musical Theatre Performance)
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Site Specific Performance)
  • Cinderella Pantomime (Theatre for Children)
  • Nutcracker (Movement in Performance) to name only a few

Performances during 2015-16 include:

  • Bouncers
  • Into the Woods
  • Chicago 
  • Bad Girls the Musical

These courses allow learners to develop a range of skills and knowledge that will expand their understanding of the opportunities within the creative industries and grow in confidence in their own abilities as well as continuing to hone their skills as team players and leaders. By taking ownership of their productions they are encouraged to think creatively and ‘outside the box’ and gain a real understanding of working professionally.

The majority of learners from the BTEC Performing Arts courses go on to study a strand of the Performing Arts at university or college.

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Music at Wollaston School

Music is a thriving part of the school community with students participating in a wide range of musical activities including concerts and musical theatre as well as performing in competitions, both locally and nationally.

At KS3 students follow a progressive course which allows students to investigate a wide variety of musical styles whilst developing composition, performing, listening and appraising skills. Students who wish to can continue their music studies at KS4 by opting to study GCSE Music and have opportunities to further develop their composition, performance and listening.

At KS5 Music is offered at both AS/A2 level and BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma. These are challenging but interesting courses which offer students the chance to widen their musical knowledge and increase their musical abilities across a range of musical styles while choosing a course that best suits their personal learning style.

For students wishing to learn a musical instrument or voice the Music Department offers instrumental music lessons in partnership with the Northants Music and Performing Arts Trust and we currently offer lessons on Voice, Guitar, Percussion, Brass, Woodwind, Upper and Lower Strings and Keyboard.