School Transport

Responsibility for school transport lies with the County Council.  The majority of Wollaston School students are eligible to travel to school by means of a Northamptonshire County Council Bus Pass. In the interests of health and safety this large number of students are expected to behave on the journey to school and whilst waiting at bus stops.

Travel Agreement

Each student issued with a bus pass, and all fare paying students not eligible for a bus pass but who travel to school on the school bus, are expected to sign a ‘Travel Agreement’. This agreement outlines expected levels of behaviour and methods of conveying information about behavioural incidents should they occur.

Forgotten, lost or broken bus pass procedure

If a Student has forgotten their bus pass a temporary “pink pass” can be issued before 2pm by Mrs Steadman in the Medical Room. It is imperative that the temporary pass is obtained before 2pm as NO passes will be issued after this time.

If a student has lost or their bus pass is broken, parents / guardians will now need to contact Northamptonshire Country Council direct on 01604 364388, payment can be made over the telephone with a debit / credit card. The replacement will then be sent to the school to be handed to the student.

Actions to be taken if travel agreement is broken

The school works closely with the County Council and the Bus Companies and individual bus drivers to ensure that students travel to school safely.

If a student is reported for engaging in disruptive and/or dangerous behaviour they will be disciplined according to the schools behaviour management policy. Their parents will be contacted. In agreement with the Bus Companies and the County Council bus passes will be withdrawn for a fixed period of time.

Good behaviour is expected of all our students when travelling on buses to and from school and on school related activities or trips. This includes travel in the school minibus. Members of staff and parents should encourage safety awareness for our students during travel on buses. Basic requirements are:

  • Follow the instructions of the driver.
  • No student should stand or move from seat to seat whilst the bus is in motion.
  • If the bus/coach has seat belts the students must wear them.
    (The only exception to this is the rare occasion where standing is necessary on the journey to Irchester on the double decker vehicle.) Students should not move between decks on these vehicles and must not sit on the stairs.
  • Unless required to listen to instruction, students may talk to neighbouring passengers but must not shout to those seated further away. windows, rooflights or doors may only be opened with the permission of the driver.
  • The bus must be at a complete stop before trying to get on the bus. The bus must also be at a complete stop before students leave their seats to get off the bus.
  • Students are expected to help keep the bus clean and tidy by using the litter bins and trays provided.
  • Smoking is not allowed on any form of school transport.
  • Any damage to bus property will be expected to be paid for.

It is an expectation that students behave well whilst travelling on school buses. A safe journey free from unwanted attention or disruption is essential. Students who break this travel agreement will be disciplined and may face the loss of their bus pass. In extreme or persistent cases of disruption and endangerment a fixed term exclusion from school will also be given.