Year 9 Options

2024 Options Guidance - Year 9

Options Information Evening

Thursday 25th April

Please note that these are two separate events with different purpose:


Year 9 Parents' Evening - Thursday 7th March

This is a remote event to discuss your child's progress at Key Stage 3 with their subject teachers.


Year 9 GCSE Options Evening - Thursday 25th April

This is a LIVE information gathering evening, through presentation and discussion with faculty staff, to inform preferred choices to study at GCSE over the next two years.


All information will be shared on this evening and made available online thereafter. The evening itself is a great opportunity to build an understanding of the curriculum option process for Year 9s but also to meet the subject teachers for a better understanding of what their curriculum offers.


The following documents will be available on the evening...

In this booklet you will find all the necessary information about the options selection process.

This is the form with which students will submit their subject preferences. It outlines the subjects available, as well as any requirements or limitations you will need to consider when selecting your subjects.

This map outlines the venues used for the evening, which form a circuit around the school for ease of access.

This will be a printed copy of the students' latest progress report, published prior to Easter.