Year 9 Options

Year 9 Options Guidance

This is a key milestone in your child’s education and the first stage of selecting a preferred pathway of study towards a career and future educational development.

A short presentation to give you information about the Options process will take place in the main hall outlining some key information you need to be aware of to enable your child to make an informed decision.

Thursday 6th February 2020

Tutor groups: 9COV, 9FEN, 9GOS and 9KES need to arrive for the 6.00pm presentation.

Tutor groups: 9MCD, 9MIA, 9ROW and 9SUM need to arrive for the 7.00pm presentation.

After this you are welcome to circulate around the school in order to discuss the options subjects with specific teaching staff, who can give you further information about what the course involves and specific requirements.

There will also be an opportunity to speak to careers staff, Mrs H Downey & Mr B Myers, regarding your child’s options and future careers.

Options Information from the Department of Education - for the web link please click here or Download the PDF Guide here


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