Students and staff are once again celebrating an excellent set of GCSE qualifications at Wollaston School. Results look set to become Wollaston’s best ever GCSE outcomes for the second consecutive year, following 2018’s previous record breaking performance.

The headline measure of students achieving a Grade 4 or above in both English and Maths has increased to a new high of 75%, following 2018’s previous best ever performance of 72%.

Students have also achieved exceptional results in Science, with a grade 4 or above pass rate, now standing at 79%, up by 10% on 2018’s previous record breaking performance.

Students have achieved great results throughout the curriculum, with the average grade achieved at a Grade 5 (defined by Ofqual and the Department for education as a “strong pass”).

The proportion of top grades awarded has also increased again from 2018’s previous high point. 25% of students achieved the gold standard of a grade 7 or above in English (up from 22% in 2018), and 20% achieved this benchmark in Maths (up from 16% in 2018).

Headteacher, Mr James Birkett, commented “I warmly congratulate all of our GCSE students, whose hard work, dedication and positivity has paid off in achieving a truly exceptional set of results.  At Wollaston, we are incredibly proud of the way in which students, staff and parents work collaboratively towards shared goals and the success of this approach can be seen in these record breaking results.  I congratulate every individual for all that they have achieved, and we look forward to welcoming back the majority of our Year 11 students to continue their studies in the Sixth Form.”

Wollaston School students enjoyed some exceptional individual results, with the following students achieving particularly notable qualifications:

Christopher Elvin – 7 Grade 9’s (French, Maths, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music) & 2 Grade 8’s (English Language, English Literature)

Millie Brennan – 3 Grade 9’s (History, Biology, Chemistry) & 4 Grade 8’s (Textiles, German, English Language, English Literature)

Barnaby Portsmouth – 3 Grade 9’s (History, Biology, Chemistry) & 2 Grade 8’s (Food Preparation & Nutrition, German)

Jacob Coleman – 5 Grade 9’s (Maths, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) & 1 Grade 8 (English Literature)

Abbie Smart – 4 Grade 9’s (History, Dance, Biology, Chemistry) & 3 Grade 8’s (German, Maths, Physics)

Adam Turnbull – 5 Grade 9’s (History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature) & 3 Grade 8’s (Maths, Geography, Photography)

Penny Walpole – 5 Grade 9’s (History, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) & 3 Grade 8’s (French, Dance, English Language)

David Wilcox – 4 Grade 9’s (Maths, Biology, Physics, English Literature) & 4 Grade 8’s (French, History, Chemistry, English Language)

Alana Wright – 6 Grade 9’s (History, Maths, Dance, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) & 1 Grade 8 (English Literature)

Toby Davenport 3 Grade 9’s (Maths, Biology, Chemistry) & 1 Grade 8 (Physics)

Heads of Year 11, Mrs Janine Hobson and Mr Matthew Jackson, commented: “As a year team we are truly ecstatic at the results this talented Year 11 cohort have achieved. The results are a true testament to the year group’s work ethic and dedication over the past academic year! We have seen new records set within these results and this sets a great foundation for all of the pupil’s future career ambitions”.