Headteacher Blog – 24th February 2017

Examination preparations and option choices.

We have now been back at school for one full week since half term, and we are moving rapidly towards the most important time of the year, particularly for year nine, year 11 and year 13 students.

I would like to thank year nine parents for attending parents evening on Thursday 23rd of February in such large numbers; I spoke individually with many parents last evening who are extremely pleased with staff feedback for their children and I know that staff valued the evening for being able to share year 10 options advice with students and parents.

Year 11 and year 13 students are now embarking on their revision programmes for their summer GCSE and A-level exams in earnest. I would like to take this opportunity to remind year 11 parents that revision buses will be available for three nights per week at 4:30 PM to assist students in getting home after attending revision classes in a wide range of subjects. Please click here for full details of revision buses.

Projekt Planck trip to Bremen, Germany.

I would like to congratulate all staff and students who took part in this trip before half term for such a successful event. I understand from Mr Rockingham and Mrs Sumner that the students made great strides in developing their language skills, with some students even hosting an hour-long political debate about Brexit in German. I think that it is worth including an email to the staff who organised the trip from one of the students who took part:

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the Bremen trip. It is by far the best school trip I have ever been on. It has helped me build my confidence – given me extra confidence with the language , helped me learn new words and how to say new things. I enjoyed the experience very much but I believe a lot of that was down to you. You enhanced it all because you spent time with us, had conversations with us and (particularly for me) made me feel more at ease and comfortable in new situations. You also didn’t pressure us to speak German: you left it up to us which allowed us to build it up gradually at our own pace and gain more confidence. The whole trip was so well organized and you always made sure we got to places on time. I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone looking to take part. Thanks for everything.

Fit-Mob exercise classes.

Following the successful refurbishment and launch of the school’s multi-gym a few months ago, we are now in a position to offer exercise classes to the local community. These take place from Monday to Thursday at a range of different times. If you are interested in this opportunity, please click here.

RAG week. Highest ever fundraising total.

I would like to see a huge “Well done” to our sixth form students who led at whole range of events in the final week of last half term to raise money for three nominated charities. Almost £4,000 has been raised and will be distributed between Cransley Hospice, which provides cancer respite care, The Lowdown, which is an organisation that supports teenage students and mental health and A-Loss, a bereavement charity. If you would like to give on-line to any of these causes, please see the links below.