Headteacher Letter – Back to school!

Dear parents and carers

I would like to extend a warm welcome back to Wollaston School to all students, parents and carers. As a staff we are thrilled to have students back in school this week and are very excited for the year ahead. Usually Mr Birkett would be writing the first parental newsletter of the year, however, he has unfortunately contracted Covid-19 and is currently self-isolating as he recuperates. We wish him a speedy recovery.

It is at this point in the newsletter that it is pertinent to remind families that all students for whom we have consent will have two lateral flow tests on their return to school. Following the second test, twice weekly home testing (we will supply the testing kits) will be recommended at least until the end of September.

We have completed the first onsite tests, for years 7, 8, 11, 12 & 13, and we are pleased to report that we have not received any positive tests, and have only recorded 3 void tests which were then retaken and returned negative results!!

The Return to ‘Normal’ Schooling

My highlight of the week has been welcoming back students and in particular I have enjoyed delivering our formal welcome back assemblies. It is amazing how simple things that we might take for granted, such as be able to deliver an assembly to students who are in the same room rather than on a computer screen, galvanises the spirit! I would like to share with you some of the key messages that I have delivered to students during these assemblies, and of course will repeat for Years 9 and 10 when they arrive back with us on Monday.

The last eighteen months have been challenging in many ways and as a school community, and indeed as individuals, we have been beholden to restrictions that have greatly affected our lived experience. For our young people the impact of this has been great. Whilst we still understand that the pandemic is not over, the way that the virus is now being managed has allowed for greater freedom from restrictions and the return to what is a more recognisable delivery of education. As a staff we are excited to return to our mission of delivering excellence in education and ensuring that all of our students enjoy school, develop as individuals and also achieve the best possible grades.

Therefore our primary message to our students has been to make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. They are now able to shake off the shackles of restrictions and to take back control of shaping their Wollaston School careers so that they are able to achieve success and lead happy, healthy lives- both now and as adults. They are active agents in shaping their school experience and determining the direction of travel that their aspirations take them.

Secondly, we are a school and a local community that are able to offer a great many opportunities for academic, social and cultural experience. We will continue to strongly encourage all students to take advantage of this and to value the varied experiences and the rich diversity within our local community.

Lastly, we emphasised that achievement and personal development are strongest when we work hard, as a team and as individuals, and also when we maintain high standards. To exemplify this point  we recognised that we have fantastic role models, both in school and the local community, who we can all learn from and use for support and guidance when we need a lift. No more so than Masie Summers Newton. A Wollaston School leaver in 2021, Maisie has possibly had the best summer holiday ever by not only becoming a double Paralympic gold medallist in the S6 200m Individual Medley & SB6 100m breaststroke at the Tokyo Paralympics, but also in the process smashed a Paralympic record! We recognised her phenomenal achievements and how we can all look to her as a role model within our community. We also recognised the fantastic results achieved by our Year 11 and 13 students in 2021. Clearly none of this success would have been possible without hard work and commitment to the highest possible standards.

And so we look forward to a positive year full of reward and great success for our students. With high standards and expectations, both at school and at home , we can support our young people to have an extraordinary year.



School Canteen

A reminder that the school canteen is fully operational and is also open to students before school from 8.00am and after school until 3.30pm.

School Gates

The main gate and the canteen gate will be open and supervised from 8.00am each morning. All other gates will open from 8.30am.

Standards of Uniform and Dress

Whilst it has been fantastic to see our students arrive dressed smartly in their uniform, I must stress the importance of all students abiding by our uniform policy the expectations for how they present themselves in school. Please see the reminders below:

  • Any students who have dyed their hair an unnatural colour during the summer will be expected to have this returned to a natural colour by Monday September 13th.
  • Students who have piercings should abide by the uniform policy and are permitted to have one pair of studs in their ears.
  • Trainers or leisure shoes are not permitted as part of our school uniform. Formal shoes should be worn as per policy.

If there are any particular issues around uniform, such as certain items are yet to arrive or indeed any other issues, please contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance.

For uniform orders that were placed prior to August 10th 2021, this has all been processed and will have been delivered to your child in school or is available from school reception to collect. For orders placed after this date, they are being processed and will be delivered to students in school at the earliest opportunity. We thank you for your patience whilst orders made in August are processed.

Kind regards

Simon Anderson

Head of School and Senior Deputy Headteacher