Headteachers Letter -23rd April 2021

Dear parents and carers,

We have enjoyed another successful week of learning – supported by some rather pleasant weather which has really helped to facilitate outdoor socialising at break and lunchtimes for all year groups.


Covid-19 Update

Last weekend we did have a member of staff with a positive lateral flow test result. However, this has now been confirmed as a false positive through the confirmatory PCR test and the member of staff has now returned to school. We are also  pleased to note that we have not had any further positive tests from the students in the Sixth Form bubble who have been self-isolating. As we have found through previous positive cases – our systems of control do seem to work effectively in reducing transmission, and we are grateful to all students and staff  for following all of the guidelines so carefully.

Regular asymptomatic lateral flow testing remains a cornerstone of the current control system and I would be grateful if you can continue to ensure that all of our students test twice weekly. This is  vital for us all to keep each other as safe as possible.

We recommend that testing is undertaken on Sunday and Wednesday evenings for all staff and students.  Please report any positive test to headteacher@wollaston-school.net in addition to calling the absence line and we will provide all necessary follow up advice and support.

We will continue to distribute lateral flow test kits to students as our records indicate they will be required. If you do need an additional test in advance of distribution or if there is an issue with your testing kit, please contact Jade Fitzhugh fitzhughj@wollaston-school.net


Uniform and Equipment

Students have become increasingly adept in self sufficiency and we do appreciate that it is often our parents, working incredibly hard behind the scenes to ensure that our students have the correct equipment and uniform!

This remains a high priority for us and thank you in advance for ensuring that your son or daughter has the necessary stationary in a pencil case, as well as full correct uniform for both the traditional school day and for PE days.

A link to uniform requirements can be found HERE and  uniform and PE kit can be ordered HERE


Parents Evenings

Thank you to Year 12 students and parents for a very positive subject consultation evening last night, discussing both current performance and targets for further improvement.  It is important to recognise that despite the challenges of the past year, our Year 12 cohort are performing incredibly well across the curriculum and have adapted to life in the Sixth Form quickly and with great purpose. That is great credit and thanks firstly to our students themselves, but also their parents, teachers and support staff working so positively in partnership.

We are likely to retain the online format for parents evenings for the Year 7 parents evening on Thursday 6th May.


Year 11 and Year 13 Leaving Dates

A reminder that the formal leaving date for Year 11 will be  the 25th June 2021 – the national statutory school leaving date for Year 11 in 2021. Whilst most assessment work will conclude for both Year 11 and Year 13 during the first week back after the May/June half term, we will still be delivering a blended programme of in person and remote education up until late June. This will include transition work for students to be ready of the next stage of their education, employment or training. We are also looking carefully at the format and timings of any leavers events, especially given the indicative dates published by Government for the easing of some national restrictions. Further details to follow for Year 11 and Year 13 from Mrs Walker and Mr Mills.


Student Information and Contact Details Check

Following the cyber attack, we have successfully restored the majority of school systems and information. As we reinstall all operating systems and functionality, we are also taking the opportunity to check that all information which we hold is correct and current.  To this end, we would be grateful if all parents and carers could fully complete the student information and contact details sheet which can be found HERE and is in a “Microsoft forms” format.  If you are unable to complete this form electronically, please contact Jade Fitzhugh fitzhughj@wollaston-school.net and we will arrange for a paper copy to be distributed.

Thank you in advance for a speedy return of this information. Our aim following the cyber attack is not simply to restore what we previously had, but to implement an even better IT system and provision, and this data capture will ensure that we have 100% accuracy in all student information and contact details from the outset.


Extra-Curricular Programme

Now that the return to school is well established, we are also beginning to restart our extra curricular provision. These are more limited than has traditionally been the case, as we do operate clubs and activities in Year group bubbles.  Please find below the PE timetable – and we will publicise further activities and opportunities as they gradually restart.


Thank you for your continuing support and I hope that you in enjoy a pleasant weekend with some further good weather!

Mr James Birkett