Language leaders

On 30th November 35 Year 9 students that attend Language Leaders on a Wednesday evening spent the day at Irchester Primary School. They taught French and German to students from Year 3 to Year 6. A selection of students commented on their experience of the day.

Ella & Keir: We enjoyed teaching the students and we got to take part in a new experience. It was nice that we got to teach younger children parts of a new language.

It was a new experience and more challenging than we thought. We were proud to hear the children speak some German after our activity. We were happy to start a passion for languages that will hopefully last. We learnt a lot about teaching and keeping a groups attention.

The Kids were interested and loved to contribute with quiz questions. We used questions for the older children and props for the younger ones. All of the children knew at least one new thing and they loved it!

We had a range of handmade activities which we presented. We adapted our activities in certain situations when in certain situations when it hadn’t succeeded. Our main priority was to make sure the children had fun and learnt something new that they could use in the future.