Charlie Lawrence , Marketing Apprentice , BHTA ( British Healthcare Trades Association )

Why do an apprenticeship ?

For me, I see an apprenticeship as having one foot already in the door. Chance to learn, make new friends within an organisation and most importantly impress your employer that you are capable of helping the business with their objectives and strategies. In all of this, you gain a qualification in the field you have chosen and can use that qualification just like any other, for example, to boost your CV portfolio for future jobs and applications. Being in an organisation whilst obtaining a qualification is perfect, because you are learning every day in a business environment on many different factors, but as well as that you are learning through your qualification you have chosen as well.   


Advantages of apprenticeship over university ?

I have always been and still am, a home boy. Love my village, love my home, love the people close to me. So going University was already a question mark for me.

The main advantages I have discovered over time and as I’ve got older is not having the constant stress or ‘all over the place’ schedule. I’ve seen university students working all different hours in the week and even on the weekend as well, like who wants to be writing an assignment at 8pm on a Saturday night?

I like the fact that I can work Monday to Friday and then switch off at the weekend, with no worries about what assignment is due next or if I’ve got enough money to afford this meal. All of the apprenticeship assignments or task is complete during your contractual working hours, the employer has to allow you a certain amount of time a week to work on assignments or coursework.

Lastly, is the money. Everyone has the perception that apprenticeship money is awful and ‘not worth it’. I can assure you, both incorrect. Depending on what apprenticeship level you do will determine the pay and even if you’re at the lowest paid wage by the end of your qualification, you will be too qualified for that pay grade. If you get taken on full time by that employer or a different employer, doesn’t matter your money will increase massively. Not to mention the ridiculously high levels of debt you haven’t incurred from a result of taking the apprenticeship route instead of university.


Best thing about your apprenticeship experience ?

I would probably say earning my own money, being financially independent and using that money to spend on whatever I please. Being able to drive a nice car around the country to see different friends at different universities and to still have them ‘uni nights out’. Oh, and working yourself up through an organisation is very rewarding as well.