Updated face covering guidance

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are looking forward to welcoming your son or daughter back to school this week, to ensure that they benefit from the best education possible in the safest way possible. A reminder that all of the details (including dates for the phased return) on are the school website and can be found HERE

You may be aware from media reports, that one area in which the Department for Education guidance has already changed is in respect of face coverings, which were previously not recommended at all for use in schools.  I know that media reports can often be confusing (if not contradictory) particularly as there are now different expectations for schools in different areas of the country. For ease of use, I have summarised below our current approach (as of 1st September 2020) which incorporates the new Government guidance. Of course, as is the case nationally, this remains subject to regular review. The guidance is the same for both staff and students working at Wollaston School.

Travelling to / from school on public transport: Face coverings are mandatory and should be used.

Travelling to / from school on dedicated school  transport: Face coverings are recommended and encouraged.

Moving around the school site, in communal areas and accessing food outlets: Face coverings are optional and may be used.

In lessons: Face coverings are not recommended.

For adult visitors to the school site:    Face coverings are recommended and encouraged.

Face coverings are not prohibited in any context or area of the school.

Provision of face coverings is the responsibility of students and their families and we advise consideration of safe usage. This should include provision of a re-sealable bag to store re-usable masks in between uses or a small disposable bag in which to wrap used single use masks prior to disposal.

Thank you for all of your continued support and we look forward to a positive start to the new academic year, despite these unprecedented circumstances.

Mr J Birkett