Year 10 Physics Event

Two teams of year 10 students enjoyed a challenging and informative day at the Girls physics Challenge day at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy. Their challenge was to design, test and build a model of a space re-entry capsule that could withstand high temperatures. Eva Jennings, Megan Dolan, Olivia Oxley and Charlotte Collison were the overall winners of the building challenge and each received a £20 Amazon voucher. Keira Garner, Jessica Henson, Amy Halshall and Caitlin Walker’s team were winners the best presentation of their plan. In the afternoon, Kat Stokes from Intelligent Energy spoke to us about her career as a Hydrogen fuel cell engineer and even brought in one of the drones she uses to test her hydrogen fuel cells.
This event was supported by Institute of Physics, Stimulating Physics Network and the Ogden Trust.

Eva’s team overall winner
Keira’s team winner of best presentation of their plan