Below are the results from the Race for Life Run which students took part in as part of the Personal Development Day last month.

Year 9 (Half a year group)

  • Austin – 12.16 laps per pupil
  • Churchill – 11.42 laps per pupil
  • Drake – 13.22 laps per pupil
  • Nightingale – 12.05 laps per pupil

Drake were the winning house. However the house with the most 10km runners was Nightingale.

Year 8 (Whole year group)

  • Austin – 12.41 laps per pupil
  • Churchill – 10.4 laps per pupil
  • Drake – 9.89 laps per pupil
  • Nightingale – 10.44 laps per pupil

Austin were the winning house and they had the most number of 10km runners

Year 7 (Half a year group)

  • Austin – 11.19 laps per pupil
  • Churchill – 11.15 laps per pupil
  • Drake – 12.29 laps per pupil
  • Nightingale – 9.56 laps per pupil

Drake were the winning house and had the most 10km runners

Special mention to a year 7 student in Austin House with a score of 22 laps! We also cut short the year 7 time by 5 minutes as it was pouring with rain.

Great effort from all students (and staff) and thank you to everyone who made a donation in support of the charity.