Headteachers Letter – 12th November 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are enjoying being back into the rhythm of a far more “normal” school year, although the by product of this is that the weeks seem to be speeding by! Nevertheless, it is invigorating to once again run a full academic and pastoral calendar and we continue to be incredibly proud of how our students, staff and parents are working so effectively together.


Mock Examinations Year 11 and Year 13

Our Sixth Form Mocks are already underway, with Year 11 exams beginning next week. As always, students have been exemplary in meeting the demands of the formal  regulations and have approached the mock exams with positivity and determination.  We continue to approach all assessments with an attitude of great purpose but no pressure. Mock exams are designed to give students and teachers a clear idea of comparative strengths and weaknesses, in order to focus work and revision on the right areas in the final months of each course. Grades of course are important, but it is crucial to note that Mock grades are a foundation on which to build success, not a forecast for final grades in the summer.

If parents or students have any subject specific questions regarding progress in courses, they can contact the relevant subject teacher. For more general questions regarding the Mock exam process, please contact Tony Mills MillsT@Wollaston-School.net for Year 13 and Maria Elmes ElmesM@wollaston-School.net Year 11.


Anti Bullying Week 2021

Next week is a national anti-bullying week and we will be delivering a range of pastoral input through assemblies and tutor time regarding this important subject. As a school, we are committed to ensuring that every member of our community understands what bullying is, and each of our responsibilities in creating a school culture which is respectful, considerate and supportive.  We are proud to be a school where “You can be happy to be yourself” to quote one of our students. In support of this ethos, Monday the 15th November is a national Odd Socks Day – in which we encourage all members of the school community to wear odd socks to illustrate that difference is valued and respected.  All other school uniform must be worn as usual.

Whilst we are confident in our approach to anti bullying as a school, it is impossible as a community of almost one and a half thousand young people to state that issues never arise between students, and I feel it would be disingenuous for any school to claim otherwise.  We are however completely certain that we will always act on concerns and issues, and take all necessary steps to improve the situation. We have a strong track record in resolving issues, and ideally like to know about concerns as early as possible, so if students or parents do have any concerns whatsoever please do contact the relevant Head of Year (list below) or of course use the email address worried@wollaston-school.net

I know that many parents also like to support the school’s input on pastoral content, as one of the key features of an anti bullying culture is one in which every single member of the school community is clear on what they can do to eradicate bullying from our school. There is a full pack of information, specifically for parents and carers here: https://anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/anti-bullying-week/parents-and-carers


Children In Need

Please see below for posters and information;


School Uniform

Thank you to all students and parents for making the rapid transition back to normal school uniform and changing for PE, now that additional  restrictions have been lifted. Please note that in line with this change – all students need to be in full uniform to attend Wollaston School. PE kit is no longer acceptable to be worn on arrival or throughout the school day. We appreciate you support in ensuring that this is the case, and a full guide to our uniform policy is HERE. We began the year with exemplary standards of uniform, and although the changes in response to Coronavirus introduced flexibility regarding PE kit, we now want to ensure that we return to our usual practice.


PE News 

The PE department would really like to thank and celebrate the students success in the PE department and fixtures this week.

The after school clubs across all of the sports have been really well attended and the level of and quality of activity has been brilliant.

Congratulations also to the Year 11 football team for a wonderfully hard fought victory in the County football cup. The Cross country district runners have represented the school superbly and also with some great finishing positions. The year 10 football team sadly lost to a very good Swavesy college, but put up a great level of competition. The Sports leaders ran a primary school badminton competition on Wednesday after school which was really well received by the primary school students.  We are so pleased and proud of all the students for their engagement and performances in the PE department this week. Also the teams of cross country runners school cup are now through to the regional competition also which is an exceptional performance by both teams of runners.

Thank you again for all of your support and I hope that you enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Mr James Birkett