Senior Mathematical Challenge

Earlier in the year a selection of Year 12 and 13’s competed in the Senior Mathematical Challenge organised by the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust.

Wollaston entered 18 students and certificates were awarded for the following:

Best in School – 1, Best in Year = 2, Gold = 1, Silver = 6, Bronze = 8. Results were scored out of 125 marks and students needed to get over 86 for Gold, 71 + for Silver and 57+ for a bronze.

Sian Bullock, Emily Davis, Yolande Cheeseman & Jace Wright went through to the ‘Girls Olympiad’ round with Sian achieving a Distinction and the others were awarded participant certificates. Over 1700 girls nationwide participated, with only the top c.25% receiving a certificate of Distinction.

The Senior Team Challenge consisted of Sam Young, Sian Bullock, Sian Crooke and Adam Bebbington gaining a worthy 5th place out of 18 entrants.

And a Final well done to Sam Smith, Adam Bebbington and Sam Young who went through to the Senior Kangaroo round. Sam Smith and Sam Young were in the top c.25% out of 6000 students achieving a Certificate of Merit and Adam received a Certificate of Qualification.

Congratulations who all of the students who entered this is a really tough challenge.