Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

For those seeking a Sixth Form experience where excellence is the aim for all, Wollaston is the centre for you. With our track record of consistent high achievement and our recently extended and modified facilities, we will be able to equip you with all you need to develop and become the best you can be.

Once again our students achieved some excellent results in the summer, achieving the high grades that are required to secure their futures, whichever path they chose.  As a result, all who applied successfully secured their places at university; these included students studying at Cambridge and reading microbiology at Nottingham.  We pride ourselves on the wide curriculum choice available at Wollaston, and therefore we were thrilled to see two students’ progress onto study at the prestigious Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

It is not only A-Level results that are impressive – we are proud of the achievements of all our students and those who chose a more vocational route, opting for BTEC National qualifications in Health Studies, Sports Studies, Hospitality, Public Services or Performing Arts, surpassed themselves with outstanding results. 47% of students achieved either Distinction or Distinction*; a testament to the hard work of both the students and the staff who supported them.

Our Sixth Form has been recently modernised and refurbished, allowing us to improve our dedicated Study Centre, with Wi-Fi access for all students. A Sixth Form Café operates throughout the school day for our students helping them to develop greater independence in the way they structure their day. We have recently opened a second dedicated Sixth Form study and conference area – further allowing students to reach their full potential.
Our unrelenting focus is on helping students to realise their potential. To this end we have established links with a wide range of local and national employers. A Medical Society operates to support students who wish to enter the medical profession, while those students who aspire to study at Oxford or Cambridge universities take part in our Oxbridge Preparation Programme. We have a strong and supportive alumni voice and former students are often to be found in school giving advice and guidance to our current students.
Our students have a voice! As well as developing academically we encourage and support students to develop personally. Students lead assemblies for younger students, act as peer mentors, support New Year 7 students, and lead Primary school sports festivals and play an important role as Head Boy or Girl. We have a strong student leadership focus in our Sixth Form and students are involved at all levels of the school.
Our Sixth Form continues to be a varied, exciting and aspirational community: a Careers Fair in July 2018 with over thirty local, national and international employers, university and training providers. Visits to Birmingham University and the Midlands UCAS Higher Education Convention; the Wellingborough inter-school Sixth Form Olympics and The Sixth Form Council – a thriving forum for student voice. Over the past year students have enjoyed events ranging from visits to Italy and Poland, to theatre productions in the West End and team-building assault courses.

The first thing you will notice about life in the Sixth Form is that your relationship with your teachers has changed. The learning process becomes much more of a partnership between yourself and your teachers; you will quickly learn that they are there to help you fulfil your potential.

The Sixth Form years offer greater freedom and opportunity, but along with this freedom comes more responsibility. It is a time for you to take control of your own destiny; an exciting time when you will make big decisions as you prepare for higher education, employment and your future career.

You may find that A Level and BTEC is the most difficult work you have ever studied. The amount you are expected to cover, in lessons and in free time, is greater than you thought possible for any single student! At the same time, you will be looking forward to greater freedom and privileges. You may need help to get the balance right between your academic and social pursuits.

Everything is in place at Wollaston School to help you make these adjustments. We are not a Sixth Form College and our smaller size allows us to retain a genuine sense of community and for teaching staff to offer focused individual support. Our dedicated and experienced team offers advice that will guide you through your Sixth Form studies.

Yes, there will be high expectations, but we want you to leave Wollaston School believing that everything you strive for is possible. You will explore exciting and extensive opportunities, be encouraged to be inquisitive and to innovate, to face challenge, take responsibility and show leadership, and to be a force for good in the school community.

Welcome to our Sixth Form. I am sure you will enjoy your time here.

Mr T Mills – Assistant Headteacher & Head of Sixth Form